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  Our Philosophy:  

Rakes Electric LLC is a family business, owned and operated by Chris Rakes.

We have been in business since 2008. We specialize in commercial and residential electrical contracting with a PASSION for customer service.

A Note from Chris, the owner of Rakes Electric:

"After starting as an electrician in 1997, I realized that to do a job right, you have to know your customer and be present on every project.

Then in 2005 I became a city electrical inspector. I realized that the contractors I was inspecting were more interested in their bottom line than doing the project right. With this philosophy in mind I started Rakes Electric.

That is why I am always personally involved in every project that I do. I treat every project as if I were working on my own home.

I personally guarantee that the job will be done right and to your satisfaction, the first time, EVERY time."


  • Colorado State Master Electrician
  • Colorado State Licenced Electrical Contractor
  • ICC Certified Building Inspector
  • Chris Rakes - Member NFPA since 2000
  • Memember International Association of Electrical Inspectors
  • We are Bonded and Insured
Our Team was had picked by Chris Rakes with over 70 year of collective experience in the Electrical field. We all share the same philosophy of excellence.

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  Here is our current list of Affiliates, and links to their respective sites. If you would like to become an affiliate, please click on the "Contact Us" tab and submit the form on that page. After approval, we will get you on our list.  

  What our customers have to say about our work is VERY important to us. Below is a list of testimonials that we have received over the years from our customers. If you would like to leave a testmonial, please fill out the form below and we will get it on our website as soon as possible.  
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  Here is a list of our Customer Testimonials:  
  Testimonial By:Dave Sechrist of Erie CO  
  I had what I thought would be an easy electrical fix, but I couldn't figure it out. Still learning about the new house.
Chris called me and suggested I try the GFCI's.
Chris suggested checking the basement or garage. I thought I checked them all, but I had missed the one in the basement.
It was very gracious of Chris to save me a service call charge.
Thanks Chris.
  Testimonial By:Brian  
  Rakes Electric rocks! I called Rakes Electric because my saw wouldn't work and my lights went out. He had it fixed in 6 minutes. Woo Hoo!  
  Testimonial By:Kevin Kick  
  Chris is a great pro... Good price, great work, and someone who I trust in my home when I am not there. I would recommend Chris to anyone.  
  Testimonial By:Kevin Kick  
  Chris did a great job for us. Three things that are important to me are quality work, good pricing, and making sure my wife feels safe with a contractor in the home. Chris hit a home run on all three. Thanks for your work!  
  Testimonial By:Joe and Pam O'Hara  
  Chris was one of the most professional and experienced workers I have ever had in my home. Chris we neat and clean and very professional. His work was exceptional. Thanks to Rakes Electric for all they did.

Joe and Pam O'Hara
  Testimonial By:Matt & Janelle Mendez-Vanacore  
  Chris is everything we were looking for in a professional. He took the time to walk us through what he was quoting and why he was quoting it that way. He earned our trust by providing timely communication around the quote and project timeline and arriving on time. He was very detailed and thorough with the work he performed and his clean up. He was extremely patient working around our young ones and he has a great personality! We'll be using him again for our next project!  
  Testimonial By:Melinda  
  I would highly recommend Rakes Electric.
Chris is very professional, friendly, courteous and an extremely competent individual. He was also very understanding and accommodating of my work and home schedule. Once the project was underway, he kept me well-informed throughout the entire process. He has proven to be exceedingly reliable, completing the scope of work in an efficient and timely manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Chris should I have any future electrical projects.
  Testimonial By:Anne  
  Chris is a total professional. A welcome and stark contrast to other contract-type professionals I've had provide estimates or do work. Chris showed up on time, was friendly, answered questions, completed the work on time and within the estimate. He was in communication with me throughout the entire process (scheduling with xcel, getting permits, etc.).  
  Testimonial By:Gui and Heidi Marshall  
  FANTASTIC work, highly recommend Chris and Rakes electric. The level of professionalism and care was above expectations.  
  Testimonial By:Jesse  
  Chris has been a great asset for home improvements since we bought our first home in 2009. He's a professional that has always been knowledgeable, fair, and dependable.  
  Testimonial By:Emmy in Lafayette, CO  
  Chris Rakes came highly recommended to me from a family friend. He is the only electric that I call because he is always available, fair and personable. As an electrical wiring layperson, I completely trust his judgment and professionalism.
  Testimonial By:Gui Marshall  
  Chris ROCKS!!!!  
  Here are pictures from our projects over the years. Enjoy!  
  Ask Chris  
  We wanted to provide our customers with a forum in which they can ask electric-specific question and have them answered on our website, so look through the following posts and if your question isn't answered, feel free to use the provided form to ask your question.  
  Ask A Question:  
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  Your Questions... Answered:  
  Gui Marshall asked:" Do I really have to get a building Permit? I hear lots of people don't... "  
  Chris Rakes answers: " Yes. "  
  Melinda Helmer asked:" My outside plugs will not work. I've checked my breaker box and all the breakers seem to be in the on position. Please help "  
  Chris Rakes answers: " All the outlets on the outside of the house are required to be G.F.C.I.(ground fault circuit interrupting) protected. You will have a gfci outlet in your garage or basement (typically), which has probably tripped. If you push the reset button all the outside outlets should come back on. If this does not help please call "  
  Building Departments  
  Here is a list of the building departments that we have worked with in the past, if you need to get a permit, please visit these websites to start the process.  
  Building Departments:  
  Contact Us  
  You can call us at: 303.918.4847 or you can email us using the form provided below:  
  Please fill out the following form and we will contact you as soon as we can.  
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